September 25, 2009

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Hey everyone! first off, Thanks for the package with the pictures and candy mom!!!! That was awesome!!!! I love getting any type of mail or packages or whatever. as far as what kind of stuff I want.... well snacks would be good... like as close to real food as you can get. I don't need candy or anything like that. oh and could you send my a cheap watch? mine broke. possibly the one you gave me for Christmas a while ago if you can find it on my desk and figure out how to set it. And yes mom I got the copy of my blessing! thank you for sending that!!!!!!!!!!
Whats this I hear about getting a new bishop? thats kinda sad. Bishop Lindsey was one of my favorites! He was un hombre de dios (a man of god). you'll have to write me and tell me who the new bishop is when you find out!

So this week has been pretty good! Elder Noe and I had an interesting experience at the TRC on Monday. We were supposed to go do this whole situation where we pick someone up for church and get to know them in Spanish on the way to church. after we did that we were supposed to go back and teach them the plan of salvation in english. But when Elder Noe and I went back to teach our investigator he wouldn't let us speak english. He was an RM and spoke perfect english so I don't know why he wouldn't let us speak english. it was kinda weird. But anyway, We ended up just teaching for 45 minutes in spanish. It was pretty sketchy but we made it through ok. I was suprised at how much spanish we already knew. I'm sure we made a lot of mistakes but it was cool that we were able to get the point of the lesson across. We're not even suposed to start teaching in spanish until week 5 and that was our 3rd weeks so we got a jump start i guess. Hopefully this monday we'll get to teach someone that will let us speak english.

After this monday everything switches to spanish though. Like our teachers will start only talking to us in spanish and we have to answer in spanish and all that jazz. I can't believe that next week i'll be half way done with the mtc. its kinda crazy.

On a lighter note, I saw Betsy last Sunday. She was helping out in the referral center and I saw her leaving just as I was walking back from the temple. I yelled at her and said hi and stopped and talked with her for a bit. it was kinda cool to see someone I knew.

And on an even lighter note, When BYU has football games its pretty much the biggest distraction ever for missionaries because we can hear all the noise from the stadium. They were playing on Saturday and we saw some elders standing by the fence just listening to the game. And then a little kid on a bike pulled up and told them the score. apparently they recruited this kid and were paying him to ride back and forth and get the score of the game for them. I thought it was kinda funny.

Mom, An elder in my district got a letter from his mom this week asking "is there an elder Messer in your district because his mom just joined the missionary mom website" or something like that. haha
anyway, I hope you guys are doing awesome! your in my prayers everyday! I love you all!


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